• electronic product pcb schematic design

    Electronics Design:
    Concept & Schematic

    Working from your product requirements specification, we can develop the hardware & firmware concept, through to detailed circuit schematics.

    In addition, where there is no formal specification, we can work with you to develop the concept & specifications, based on what your application needs.

  • electronic PCB layout design Moray Scotland UK

    Electronics Design:
    PCB Layout

    In arduous situations, such as within Power Electronics designs, it is crucial that the specialist knowledge and design constraints of the schematic designer are communicated to and understood by the layout designer.

    By using the same experienced Design Engineer to implement both tasks concurrently, we ensure that the layout is effective with respect to performance & operational reliability.


  • power electronics inverter rectifier charger design Moray Scotland UK

    Electronics Design:
    Power Electronics

    We have extensive design experience in the field of Power Electronics, having designed power switching & control circuits, to component level, for complete Industrial AC UPS systems and 3ph AC VSDs.

  • EMC-robust PCB design

    Electronics Design:
    EMC-Robust Designs

    Our Power Electronics design experience has given us an in-depth understanding of parasitic circuit elements and designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility.

    We strive for our designs to be right first time.

    This benefits you by reducing, often avoiding altogether, the need for prototype cycles.

  • OEM custom plastic enclosure

    Mech / Product Design:
    Custom Plastics

    Most electronic products also need mechanical parts such as enclosures, machined parts, custom moulded or extruded parts, etc.

    We have these covered.

    With our partners, we can develop and/or project manage all aspects of design, tooling & sourcing for mechanical parts.

  • freelance photography

    Photography Services:
    Professional / Personal

    Do you require industrial, commercial or product photography for your website, brochure or advertising campaign?

    Under our moraylight brand, we provide freelance & personal photography services in the local area (Highlands, Moray & Aberdeenshire).

    Call or email to find out how we might be able to work with you.


  • bootstrap responsive web site design Moray

    Web Design:
    Mobile-Ready Sites

    If you would like to establish an online presence, or replace your existing website, with a modern responsive layout, designed for mobile & tablet viewing, we can help with that too.

    As well as setting up domains, hosting, email accounts and site layout, we can create & supply high quality photographic images and assist with copy content for your site.

  • industrial battery testing training scotland uk

    Design Consultancy:
    UPS & Battery Systems

    In partnership with other power electronic & industrial battery specialists, we offer our accumulated in-depth knowledge, in the form of safety & technical consultancy, for all aspects of industrial battery based systems but particularly in respect of Hydrogen safety & explosion risk mitigation.