• Cable Assemblies:
    Control & Small Signal

    We provide custom cable assemblies for industrial & commercial applications.

    Low & medium volumes are hand assembled at our Keith premises, where we have a range of connector tooling available.

    If you require higher volumes then our carefully selected partners in the Far East can supply high quality overmoulded assemblies at lower cost.

  • Cable Assemblies:
    Harsh Environment

    We provide custom cable assemblies for marine & harsh environment applications.

    As well as supplying these assemblies as integral parts of other electronic equipment or kits, we also supply them as standalone products.

    Quality & reliability is our prime concern, so our supply partners include leading global manufacturers of military, marine & energy equipment.

  • Electronic Assemblies:
    Harsh Environment

    We have extensive experience in building and supplying custom electronic control & monitoring equipment for use in harsh environments, to clients in marine, offshore & nuclear industries.

    All aspects of our product builds are fully documented & revision controlled, helping us maintain consistently high levels of quality.

  • Vapourware:
    Things That Don't Exist

    Got some blue sky thinking, high altitude ideas crystallising, or just some lower level fuzzy outlines?

    We can discuss your ideas with you, consider further development, then possibly supply them to you as real product.