DESIGN | Case Study - OEM Plastic Enclosure

Client & Application

  • OEM Client, Central Scotland
  • M2M Telemetry Platform

Scope of Supply

  • Enclosure Concept Design
  • Detail Design & Development
  • Injection Mould Tool Management
  • Prototype Supply
  • Production Procurement & Supply
  • Revision Control Throughout Product Life

The requirement was for a bespoke injection moulded plastic enclosure, suitable for housing the client's M2M telemetry product.

After an initial meeting to discuss the client's requirements, a 3D model concept was created, presented & approved.

Following approval of the detailed design and a physical prototype, the design was released for manufacture of injection mould tooling.

Once released for production, Tarbat supplied enclosure assemblies plus associated accessories & cable assemblies direct to the client's chosen EMS provider.

Custom OEM Pastic Electronics Enclosure - Top

Custom OEM Pastic Electronics Enclosure - Base

Custom OEM Pastic Electronics Enclosure - Top detail


The enclosure was incorporated into the client's product and enjoyed a successful production life, with tens of thousands of units shipped over a 10-year period.

Client Benefits

  • Minimal Wiring Required
  • No Cost for Fasteners & Fitting
  • No Cost for Battery Holder
  • Lowered Cost for Assembly of Product
  • Fast & Low Cost Wall Mounting
  • Low Costs for Design & NRE
  • Low Cost for Mould Tool
  • High Product Quality
  • High Product Reliability
  • Competitive Costs for Parts

Design Features

  • Tactile Membrane Switches
  • Incorporated Membrane LEDs
  • ABS Snap-Fit Lid/Base Assembly
  • Integral Snap-Fit Battery Mounting
  • Snap-Fit PCB Mounting
  • Integral Wall Mounting Detail
  • Seaparate Clip-on Wall Mount
  • IR-Transparent Insert for IRDA Port
  • DfM,DfX approach used throughout

Custom OEM Plastic Electronics Enclosure - Battery Holder detail

Custom OEM Plastic Electronics Enclosure - Mounting detail